March 25, 2003


Apple have apparently announced that there will be no more seed releases of Safari. This is because some of those who have signed NDA are making the seed releases available to the public. As a result, there will be no information about the newer developments, nor will there be a chance to test the new features.

I have not received copies from Apple but I have downloaded a copy from the internet. It does have the frequently requested tabs BUT it is not as stable as the official public beta. In fact it has a bad habit of consuming lots of memory and hanging. There are still some issues with the GUI, especially around the menu bar. It still doesn't appear to know how to tunnel https through a normal proxy server.

Oh well. Here's hoping there will be a more stable public beta at some point.

Last night, at the WWDC promo in Sydney, all the web pages in the demonstrations were shown in IE. I had almost forgotten how ugly that browser was after using Safari so much.....

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March 19, 2003

Keynote and RSS

Just found a couple of references to a great idea. This is one of those things that is just so obvious but only after someone thinks of it ....

First there is an article at MacSlash , then a mention on and finally what seems to have started the ball rolling is at Radio Weblogs .

Basically the two suggestions that jump out at me are the use of NNW and Keynote (which I can then drive from my mobile phone thanks to Clicker ) AND the idea of a Baysian filter to find more stuff like what I already read . That sounds like a great replacement for the daily paper (especially given that my local daily papers don't have RSS feeds).

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