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March 15, 2003

UK vs France

Talk about stating the obvious. The BBC had this article , I mean what did you really expect the UK to do? Applaude them? Kiss them on both cheeks?

UK condemns French veto stance
War with Iraq appears a step closer after Tony Blair said he believed a second United Nations resolution on Iraq was "now probably less likely than at any time". His official spokesman said that efforts were continuing to secure a diplomatic solution to the crisis - but accused France of "poisoning" the diplomatic process.
Government sources said efforts could continue into next Monday if necessary, but Downing Street said they could not "elasticate for ever".
Amid rising tension, the Queen has cancelled a visit to Belgium next week on the advice of the Foreign Office because it was felt that it would not be appropriate for her to be out of the country "given the present circumstances".
Earlier Foreign Secretary Jack Straw condemned France's "extraordinary" intention to veto any further UN motion on Iraq and implied their action had made it more difficult to avoid war.
Chancellor Gordon Brown said he would back military action against Iraq without a second resolution if France used an "unreasonable" veto, arguing that Mr Blair should be given "100% support".
The leader of the British opposition, Iain Duncan Smith, met Mr Blair on Thursday morning and said he had been told a second resolution was "less likely than at any time before".
Mr Duncan Smith reported the prime minister as blaming the "intransigence" of France in rejecting Britain's efforts to find a compromise second UN resolution.

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This reminds me so much of the Monty Python skit when they are looking for the Holy Grail and find a French run castle in the middle of England… Quotes such as ‘English pig-dogs”, “silly English k-niggets” and “I blow my nose at you” spring to mind.
(If anyone wants the files, I have them in mp3 format… email me!!)

Posted by: Peskie at April 4, 2005 08:18 AM