April 01, 2003

Retrospective - 2003/03

In March, there was a cooling in my attitude to the war. You may recall that in February the blog posts were strongly anti-war. The same thing occurred at the start of march with posts like Bombs Away and the ever popular Singalong. These posts were quickly followed by more moderate posts like UK vs France and even a pro-US stance in 51st What. Finally you have the anti-protester post.

There was the usual Anti-Microslosh stuff in MCSE: Why Bother?, 101 Dumbest Moments in Business and the catch phrase which got a lot of reuse in All Together Now.

The very first whinge about public schooling appeared - a forerunner of a long-running saga.

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March 01, 2003

Retrospective - 2003/02

I have often wandered through the archives of a blog somewhere by clicking on next/prev post but it has often been a frustrating experience because there is usually little in the way of a map to guide the unfortunate traveller. For that reason, I decided to try and put a brief summary of what I consider to be the more interesting posts each month.

In this case, the month is February 2003. I had only just started blogging. In hindsight, I made a number of very silly mistakes - like using my real name and including personal pictures and information. Some months later I was stalked by a half-wit who threatened my kids. As a result, most of the personal stuff got stripped out which makes the early blog seems somewhat bare...

Mark of Cain
A pro-US post (or at least an anti-Chinese post). I personally liked the title but I did get tired of explaining it to people who had no idea what it was about.

Microslosh Strikes Again
The very first "Microslosh" (sometimes called "Microslash") post. Like many others it derides a very successful company - talk about "tall poppy" syndrome :-)

Britain Too Dangerous?
Another first - the first mention of WWDC. Of course I didn't actually get there until 2004 so it was somewhat premature.

Go Kiwis
A positive story about our nearest neighbours? I must have been drinking.

Golf War II
War vs Australia
Two anti-Iraq-war posts. It is interesting to see how much my views changed between then and now...

The first but not the last time that Australian politics did not make sense...

AI vs Minsky
Mental Games
A little name dropping can go a long way. I had written a number of anti-Dennett papers at university and this was a chance to say something slighting... I followed it up a week later with a dig at Minsky which got me a real genuine comment...

Marker Post
This entry is a marker to commemorate the very first blog post on 'Bored on the Bus'. It was lost in the great reshuffle of a week later when a hardware failure (nut loose on keyboard) caused a complete reinstall of the blog.

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