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February 07, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

A while back I was working for a Unix sales/consulting/support oragnisation. The work was interesting and challenging but the big boss did not know how to treat people well. It got to the point of working 80 hours weeks, every week and being on call all the time (24x7x52). Eventually the strain got too much and I quit and ended up in another job with a 35 hour a week limit. The salary was lower (10%) but the hours were lower, the stress was lower and the environment was far more relaxed.

Now, more than twleve months later, I find that I am just as busy as I ever was but the difference is that a lot of that time is non-work. I have more time with my kids, more time for my local church and more time working for non-profit organisation. All round, a mure fulfilling life.

It is kind of interesting but I feel that working in IT is not satisfying in a long-lasting way. It doesn't leave the world a better place, it doesn't "make a difference'. On the other hand it pays the bills, provides a day-to-day challenge and "enables" me to make a difference in other ways.

Posted by Ozguru at February 7, 2007 12:00 PM


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