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February 22, 2007

Promotion by Merit?


Apparently the federal education minister is indulging in a little heresy when she suggests Families get say in teachers' pay rises...

If you give pay rises and promotions to teachers who perform well, you run the extreme risk of improving the education system. We cannot allow that. We luddites members of the Communist Union of Naive Teachers Teachers Federation stand totally behind promotion by seniority. We feel that anyone prepared to stick it out for a considerable length of time should be amply rewarded for the effort. Forget about merit. No-one has any innovation after the first couple of years and so you would just cause discontent by promoting newbie teachers who would then want to make changes to the system. They might even try to improve things which every sane (senior, promoted) person knows cannot work (unless you are talking about the evil non-public system). Besides, if you start promoting teachers by merit, all the parents will want their kids to go to the schools with good teachers who would then be overworked and stressed while the incompetent more senior teachers would be at schools with no students.

I tell you it won't work. There is no point in improving education. After all if you teach the little buggers children to think, there is no way they will grow up to become members of the Union who always vote for the Communist Green Democrat Labor party.


[NOTE: My children do not participate in public education.]

Posted by Ozguru at February 22, 2007 08:00 PM