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July 03, 2006

AIX: Move root's home

This tip is from Makus:

The home directory for the root user is per default the root directory of the system. If you move root's home to /home/root (or /usr/root) you'll get the following advantages:

  1. The logs generated by root (smit.*) don't fill up the root directory of the machine. A full root directory can create all sorts of strange problems. The smit logs will get large over time !

  2. You can create a bin directory for root to store some scripts / commands for the root user.

  3. Your root directory (/) does not get cluttered with all the root users files.

Warning: Choose a directory as home directory for root that is local to the machine. It is very awkward to debug networking problems with a home directory on the network !

Posted by Ozguru at July 3, 2006 06:00 AM