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July 13, 2006

Pope vs Aussie

There is an Aussie backpacking through Europe and he finds himself in Italy. He has had enough of the pizza and pasta and wants a decent BBQ. Walking along he spots a nice green paddock (American: field) and climbs the fence, and sets up his portable BBQ under a tree.

An Italian fellow spots him and calls out to him - something about not being allowed in the field.

The Aussie, his meat ready to turn over, ignores him.

The Italian fellow jumps over the fence and comes over waving his arms and explaining that this is the pope's land and you can't just have a BBQ here.

All of a sudden they spot the pope coming across the field so the Italian jumps behind a nearby bush (American: shrub). He watches as the Pope comes up to the Australian and appears to make the sign of the cross. Then the pope walks away again.

The Italian runs back to the Aussie and says (in an italian accent): "He blessed you. He blessed you."

"No he didn't." says the Australian.

"But he did, I saw him." says the Italian.

(Hand gestures in brackets - to make the sign of the cross as a priest would do it for a blessing).

"Nope. He said: You (top of the cross), your barby (bottom of the cross), your mate behind the bush (one side), rack off (the other side)."

[Found at Rosary Army...]

Posted by Ozguru at July 13, 2006 12:00 PM