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August 04, 2006

Speed Limits

A group of nuns were driving down a highway. People were passing them left and right, honking horns and making rude gestures at them. Eventually a police car shows up, lights flashing and the nuns pull over for him.

The policeman walks up to the car and asks the nun who was driving for her information. He said to her "You know the minnimum spped on this road is 45." the nun was taken aback for a second and said, "Well, the sign back there said 30". The policeman turned around, saw the sign and said, "ma'am that's the route you are on." The nun had a good laugh for a second and as she was laughing the policeman noticed that the other nuns seemed to be frightened or shaken. "Is everyone else ok? They look pretty shaken up" the policeman asked.

"Oh, they'll be fine" said the nun. "We just came off of route 120, that's all"

[Found at Rosary Army...]

Posted by Ozguru at August 4, 2006 12:00 PM