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January 02, 2005

Kat's Stuff

Now I have never met Kat personally... but I have spoken to her on the phone (when I was in New York). I don't think that counts as "met"... Kat has a beautiful (sexy) southern accent - think any Hollywood movie with a Southern Belle and you have the tone and phrasing down pat.

Her blog has a lot of posts which follow a stream of consciousness which are always both fascinating and funny. Take the time to pop in and visit her.

Oh and congratulate her on her recently-graduated daughter (must be adopted given that Kat sounds about 21...)


Posted by Ozguru at January 2, 2005 05:00 AM


The link on your sidebar comes right back here...

Posted by: Kathy K at June 2, 2005 10:59 PM

Thanks - my bad - I put the wrong bits in the wrong boxes.

I must write it on my hand or something - address in extended entry; xfn in the keywords;

Posted by: Ozguru at June 3, 2005 10:57 AM