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May 02, 2006

Two parrots

This man had a parrot. This parrot knew only one sentence, which was "Let's make love." The parrot said it all the time, embarrassing the owner to no end.

Finally, he went to his parish priest and told him of his parrot problem. The priest replied, "I have a parrot who also only knows one sentence. He always says, "Let us pray." Bring your parrot over Sunday after mass, and I'm sure your parrot will be praying by the end of the day."

So, as directed, The owner brought the parrot over to the rectory after mass. The parrot, spying the priest's parrot, opened his mouth and blurted out, "Let's make love."

The priest's parrot closed his eyes, looked up at heaven and said, "My prayers have been answered."

Posted by Ozguru at May 2, 2006 12:00 PM


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