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January 08, 2005

On the Beach at the End of the World

This is another Aussie weblog where I have failed to meet the author. Actually, after reading this post, I doubt that my wife would be happy for me to meet the author....

I really enjoyed this comment on the latest Harry Potter:

as i got further and further into what is steadily establishing itself as a young-teen-rather-than-young-children's novel, i wondered about all the little, primary-school-aged kids who go whacky over harry. it's a little like the 'batman begins' action figures; it belittles any text with pretensions to being a deeply brooding, psychological investigation into the darkness inside the heart of man when you find a well-made plastic representation of the main character has excaped from a kid's happy meal and is skittering around your feet at the food court. there is a disjoint b/w the complexity of the text and its toy market, i think.


Posted by Ozguru at January 8, 2005 01:00 AM