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July 19, 2005

More Memory?

Tiger seems to use a fair bit more memory than Panther ever did. Even without VirtualPC running, I seem to have 5 swap files open - totally 1Gb of paging space...:

Memory Usage:
429.4MB used, 594.6MB free, 1,024.0MB total
Swap Files:
5 swap files present in /var/vm/
5 swap files at peak usage
1,024.0MB total swap space

My powerbook G4 currently has a single 1GB SODIMM installed which leaves one slot free. Maybe I could just stick another 1GB in to see if that resolves the problem. Check check in Google and I find MemoryX has the chip I need for $US149.98 ($AU200). Hmmm. I wonder what the cheapest Australian price would be (might be quicker and easier than shipping memory from the US). Looks like that would be Streetwise at $AU300.

After allowing for GST (10%), that still leaves a good $AU80 margin on a single chip...

I wonder what happened to my green card application?

Posted by Ozguru at July 19, 2005 08:00 AM