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January 31, 2006

Deep Sleep (Safe Sleep)

[Found at How to Safe Sleep (Hibernate) Your Mac - AndrewEscobar.com...]

Up until recently, Mac users didn’t have a similar Sleep mode which required no power. When Apple announced new PowerBooks in October 2005, it also introduced Safe Sleep to Mac OS X, an extention to Sleep mode that allows for hibernation without power.

It turns out that you can also do this on older PowerBooks:

Safe Sleep is so-far only officially available on the new PowerBooks. But Safe Sleep is very much software based , not hardware based. With Apple’s release of Mac OS 10.4.3, Safe Sleep can be enabled on many Macs thanks to an excellent hack. To enable Safe Sleep you must be running Mac OS X Tiger, and be up-to-date to with version 10.4.3 (or above). Reportedly working laptops include (but not necessarily limited to) iBook G4s, Aluminum PowerBook G4s. You may also try Safe Sleep on desktops. For a much more technical look into enabling it, visit the source information on the hack.

For a quick guide, read the rest of the article at AndrewEsobar.com.

[I have not yet tried this but I am planning to once my new employer has provided me with a desktop Mac and I can afford to rebuild my PowerBook if it goes wrong...]

Posted by Ozguru at January 31, 2006 06:00 AM


New employer eh? Good luck with the new gig, sir.

Posted by: linc at February 3, 2006 05:28 AM