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February 15, 2003

Iraqi Information Minister

Has apparently got a new job. According to "We Love the Iraqi Information Manager" he has been receiving job offers right, left and centre since failing in his attempt to surrender to the American troops in the field - I guess like the Iraqi people, they just didn't believe a word he said.

Anyway, the best job we say was this one: Tech Support at Microslosh.

"Bugs? There are no bugs. We have destroyed two bugs, two anomalies, and a misspelling. We have driven them back. I guarantee you, there are no bugs in our software. Those who say "there are bugs," (dramatic pause) THEY are the bugs. All they tell is lies, lies, and more lies! - Thank you for calling Microslosh support. (click)" (sent by Richard Berry)

Apparently he is also acting as a spokesman (sent by Gary Jukes):

Posted by Peskie at February 15, 2003 12:00 PM


Information Minister
NNW pointed me to this site which in turn leads to 404 php page that can be found here. Good to see something better than that last job with Microslash....

Posted by: Gday Mate - Archive at April 30, 2003 05:04 PM