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February 07, 2003

You look familiar...

Tonight's story was overhead in a restaurant in Coogee. At the next table were a couple of sportsmen - one an Aussie, one a Kiwi swapping stories about overseas trips representing their respective countries. The Aussie told a story about a swanky restaurant in the USA where the tables were arranged in rows and filled from one side of the room to the other (I remember something similar in Germany/Austria). The entire Aussie team were seated along one side of the table with a couple of Kiwi mates at the end furthest from the door. They were all indulging in a bit of the amber nectar when a well built (chubby) fellow slipped in opposite them and started sliding along the bench to the end.

As he sat down the first Aussie said: "Gday mate, you look at bit familiar". As he slid along the next one said "Oweryagoin Oright? I seen you before somewhere". And so it continued with each Aussie professing some faint glimer of recognition but not particularly concerned with identification until the stranger drew level with the first Kiwi who said: "Hang on, I reckon you're on the television". The second Kiwi agreed: "Ain't you that Drew Carey bloke?"

Says something about the Australian sportsman. A mere tv celebrity and comic is nothing to get excited about. Not like say scoring a goal (= touchdown for Americans? or is that a putdown?).

Of course I know a Kiwi who will also point out the relative intelligence of the Kiwi who at least knew who the stranger was but I also didn't mention that the dinner was to celebrate beating the Kiwis in an exhibition match :rofl

Posted by Peskie at February 7, 2003 12:00 PM