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March 02, 2003

Bad Latin!

Yesterday I failed to correctly identify some Latin (Cogito, ergo doleo) and I thought I could make up for it with some loose translations of my own. In particular I would like to violate one of the rules of blogging (which from memory reads: "No one gives a stuff about your university"). I mean to say, I break all the other rules (like the one about publishing "search strings" - I get more demand from friends for that than any other topic).

OK. I went to UNSW (University of New South Wales) for my first degree (and 2nd and 3rd) and they have the wonderful Latin motto: "Thinking About Working" (Manu Et Mente).

My parents (and my wife) went to The University (i.e. the oldest in Australia - Sydney University) and their motto (at least according to my father) is "Silly Men, Eat Potato" (Sidere Mens Eadem Mutato).

One of the colleges at UNE (University of New England) uses the motto: "Salute the messiest student: (Salubritati et litteris studemus). Another uses: "Verily Students (should be) prosecuted" (Veritatis Studium Prosequi) and UNE is of course: "A Snake Made Us" (Ex Sapientia Modus).

I have a intellectual brother who not only corrects my terrible translations but explained once how to order a cappucino in Latin (despite my suggestion that they hadn't been invented at the time). On the other hand, if you enjoy terrible Latin you should check out some of the Terry Pratchett books which include such gems as: "Sodomy non sapiens" (Buggered if I know); "Fabricate Diem, PVNC" (Motto of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch); "Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum" (How to get someone's full attention); "mortis portalis tackulatum" (Dead as a doornob); "Nil mortifi, sine lucre" (No killing without payment) and the ultimate Australian University Motto: "Nullus Anxietas" (She'll be right).

Posted by Peskie at March 2, 2003 12:00 PM


I thought Nullus Anxietas was No Worries

Posted by: Peskie at May 25, 2003 12:05 AM

Nullus Anxietas
As one reader pointed out, my dog-latin translation for Terry Pratchett's "Nullus Anxietas" was (intentional) wrong. That was because I didn't want to spoil a lead in to this joke...... There was an Englishman who was diagnosed with brain cancer...

Posted by: Gday Mate - Archive at May 25, 2003 12:05 AM