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July 12, 2003

Bad Drivers

Catching up on the news, I found a number of sites have mentioned this amazing incident of a car crash.

You can imagine the courtroom:
Lawyer: What caused you to collide with the vehicle in front of you?
Driver: It was these underpants blocking my view.
Lawyer: Most people don't wear their underwear on their heads.
Driver: But it wasn't my underwear.
Lawyer: They look like men's underpants.
Driver: They are men's underpants but not mine.
Lawyer: So who's underpants are they?
Driver: Well I don't know his name ....
Lawyer: So you wear a strangers underpants on your head?

Never mind. Just struck me as being ridiculous.

Posted by Peskie at July 12, 2003 12:00 PM


This single article led to this site being in the Google Top10 for the phrase "mens underpants". :-)

Posted by: Ozguru at July 22, 2003 07:07 AM