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July 25, 2003

Irish Game Show

Now Paddy was an Irishman (an Irishman of note, who fell into a fortune and bought himself a goat). Well this is one of the stories about how he didn't make as big a fortune as he could have :-)

Paddy was staring in a game show. It was an international thing put on for the kiddies. Paddy happened to be visiting the TV station (looking for work) when someone said to him: "You must be Irish". Well Paddy was pleased as punch that he had been spotted and said "And what else would I be?". The lady roped him into appearing on the kids show with the promise of a tenner for joining in and a hundred pounds if he won it. Looked like easy money to Paddy until he discovered the twist. You had to know the answer and spell it as well....

There were a number of candidates but by the final round there were only three left. Paddy had survived by luck (and some lousy spelling on the part of the opposition). He was competing against Joe from Texas and Bluey from Down Under.

"OK", said the host, "here is your question and it's an easy one: Complete this sentance and don't forget to spell the word.... Are your ready? ... Old MacDonald had a what?"

Quick as a flash the Texan gunned his buzzer and shouted "Old MacDonald had a ranch - R A N C H".

The wrong answer buzzer had no sooner made it's terrible sound when Bluey walloped his buzzer within an inch of his life and yelled: "Old MacDonald had a station - S T A T I O N".

Once again the wrong answer buzzer sounded and the host look over to Paddy. "Take your time" he said and offered some help - "It's a children's song about Old MacDonald and all the animals that live on his ... something starting with F".

Paddy grinned as he realised he knew the answer: "Old MacDonald had a farm - E I E I O".

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