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July 17, 2003

Why $2 is not to be Sniffed At

[Ed: This is from Spike dateline 8th August, I can't resist this and I don't think I can add anything to make it funnier...]

A strike by members of the Electrical Trades Union was ended yesterday after a breakthrough in negotiations with Sydney Water. One of the bones of contention was its wish to axe the $1.98 daily pungent odours allowance from the award. Sewerage workers are paid $2 extra a day to smell your smells - and Sydney Water wanted to take it off them. Unfair! That two bucks wouldn't even buy a stick of deodorant. Workers at the Industrial Relations Court yesterday told one reporter that managers had claimed upgraded facilities had ceased to stink. That was until managers visited a plant for a meeting and were forced by the odour to change venues.

Posted by Peskie at July 17, 2003 12:00 PM