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September 09, 2003

CIA Joke

[There was a bunch of unattributed jokes sent via email. Some of them appear on this site. You may want to check there for more of the same.]

The CIA has spent a fortune on training the perfect Russian spy. He is fluent Russian speaker and an expert on Russian society. On his first day undercover, he is confident that he can blend into the crowd so he stops at a corner stall to get a newspaper. The kid says (in Russian): "There you go Mr Yankee" as he hands the paper to him. Somewhat puzzled, he stops in the park and asks for directions. "Sure thing Mr American" says the office worker that he meets. Next he tries a policeman and asks for the time. "10:00 AM Imperialist Oppressor of the Working Class". Completely stunned he breaks down and asks the policeman why he is so sure that the spy is American. "That's easy" says the cop, "you're black!".

Posted by Peskie at September 9, 2003 12:00 PM