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November 21, 2003

How do you spell?

[Ed: This is another gem from the vault combined with a poem I memorised as a kid....]

How do you spell banana?
I was in the Spelling Bee,
I hoped to get the top,
I started to spell banana,
But I didn't know when to stop...


How do you spell Potato?
If GH can stand for P as in Hiccough
If OUGH stands for O as in Dough
If PHTH stands for T as in Phthisis
If EIGH stands for A as in Neighbour
If TTE stands for T as in Gazette
If EAU stands for O as in Plateau

The right way to spell POTATO should be: GHOUGHPHTHEIGHTTEEAU

Posted by Peskie at November 21, 2003 12:00 PM