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November 13, 2003

World (Rugby) Cup

This should (hopefully) be the last of the world cup jokes for a while, but in Spike (part of today's SMH) there is a little story about the English newspapers demanding the return of the fateful ball which won the cup for England and it is entitled Why Poms have no balls:

The Rugby World Cup - and its bitter end - is gone but not forgotten. The Sun in London is running a campaign demanding the return of the ball that the star kicker Jonny Wilkinson placed between the posts in the 99th minute of the Sydney final. The Gilbert ball, which delivered England's odious victory, apparently disappeared in the crowd in the post-goal fervour, never to be seen again.
"Those dastardly Aussies have nicked a vital piece of England's Rugby World Cup history," the tabloid alleges. Readers are urged to cut out a coupon entitled, "Oi, you thieving Aussies, give us our ball back!" and send it to the Australian High Commission in London.
Since the British refuse to return the Parthenon sculptures, the Sphinx's nose, and various Aboriginal skeletons to their rightful owners, Spike doesn't think they are on very high moral ground when it comes to some sweaty old piece of pigskin. We shall not succumb.

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And what about Sir Donald Bradmans Cap??

Posted by: Peskie at December 5, 2003 12:12 PM