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May 12, 2004

Raisin Bread

A man walks into a bread store and sees this remarkable beauty of a girl at the counter. A bit flustered, he asks from some raisin bread. The girl smiles, turns around and climbs up a utility ladder to reach that variety of bread which is on the top-most shelf.

Meanwhile, the man below can easily look up her micro-mini skirt and sees she not only isn't wearing panties, but is shaved almost bare.

He stutteringly pays for the bread and heads out. As he reaches the door, another man is walking in.

"Hey buddy; Ask for raisin bread... Trust me..."

The next man, a bit puzzled asks for the raisin bread and is treated to the same awe inspiring sight.

As he leaves, another man is coming in. He too advises the next patron to ask for raisin bread, which he does. While the woman is on the ladder and older gentleman walks in, looks up and stares slack-jawed at the picture perfect pouting pudenda.

The woman looks down, sees the old man, and says, "I suppose yours is raisin too."

The elderly man smiles a little and says, "No, but it's twitchin' a little."

[Found in the comments at Da Goddess.]

Posted by Peskie at May 12, 2004 12:00 PM