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September 01, 2004

Election Day

I couldn't find the lyrics to this Slim Dusty song on-line so I figured that I had better listen to it several times and have a crack at it. After all the subject is pretty topical and the promises are no less ambiguous than the ones made by some of the candidates in this election :-)

Election Day - Slim Dusty

Well, there's big mobs of rough stuff

and slinging of bull-dust,

As it draws close to election day, mate.

Oh their all really trying

and most of 'ems lying

To get us to vote for them, 'ay mate.

They're gonna halt this inflation

and fix up our nation

if they only did half what they say mate.

We would all be in clover,

the whole country over.

They're real full of promises, 'ay mate.

Oh remember in drought

when the big frogs came out,

air-conditioned the whole blasted way mate.

As we battled in grief

and awaited relief

'til the whole of out mob perished, 'ay mate.

Well they did raise the pension

but Lord when you mention

the price rise in food every day mate

I dunno how they're living

This land should be giving

Our old folk a better deal, 'ay mate

Those spruikers are tireless

that you hear on the wireless

with big mobs of nothing to say mate

But we'll vote for some smartie

that's leading some party

and hope that he does something, 'ay mate.

Well, there's big mobs of rough stuff ...

Now if I were in power,

I'd shorten the hours

And double our whole blasted pay mate.

With a free beer ration

and a flaming good bashing

To the blighters who grizzled then, 'ay mate.

Well, there's big mobs of rough stuff ...

Posted by Peskie at September 1, 2004 12:00 PM