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December 23, 2004


I always wondered what self-insured *really* meant. Now, thanks to Farting through my Fingertips, I know...

Insurance is expensive�

Oh, what a delightful squirming weasel word we see today. ...

In a statement on Wednesday, the bank said: "The theft is covered by self-insurance, and as such, National Australia Bank, which currently owns Northern Bank, will bear the impact of any losses arising from the theft.""

"Self-insured"? "Self-insured"? Didn't that used to be "Uninsured" in the olden days? My, it's such a pleasure to see how far we've come. Mere meaning bows before the power of the weasel. Let's try rewriting that specious tosh in a style intended to convey meaning, shall we?

"In a statement on Wednesday, the bank said: "The bank was not insured so the bank's owner, National Australia Bank, will bear the full impact of the theft.""

That was hard. So many less words. Terrifying. This year, I might have a go at being self-taxing.

Posted by Peskie at December 23, 2004 12:00 PM