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January 03, 2005

Sassenach Celebrations

You see there was a good Scot who had spent the entire year away from his native home with nought but a wee drop and his pipes to keep him company. At long last his assignment had come to an end and he had the chance to be home for Hogmanay. He carefully booked his tickets but for numerous reasons too complex to explain, he found himself having to fly into London and then taking the train to Edinburgh. Unfortunately there was one of those mixups with his luggage and by the time it was sorted he found himself stranded in London for the night. The airline, who took full responsibility for the stuff-up arranged to transfer his ticket to the next train and also arranged, free-of-charge, some accommodation in a posh hotel near Marble Arch*.

When he made it to Scotland it was late on the 1st of January and the locals enquired as to what it was like celebrating Hogmanay with the sassenachs. The Scot replied that the sassenachs were altogether too strange for his liking. All night long they had been pounding on his door, ceiling and floor - shouting and screaming things that cannot be repeated on a family-friendly website. His friends were amazed and wondered how he had responded to such violent provocation. The Scot explained that he found it easiest to ignore the noise, sip a wee drop and continue playing his pipes...

[* Which is pronounced for some unknown reason as More Bull-Arch - I also stayed in a hotel there and had some of my luggage stolen by the room staff.]

Posted by Peskie at January 3, 2005 12:00 PM