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March 29, 2005

Fair is fair...

Apparently, Cambridge University has banned wearing a kilt to graduations:

If you thought Islamic girls wearing traditional headscarves to schools in France was causing a ruckus, imagine how this is going down north of Hadrian's Wall ... Cambridge University has banned students from wearing kilts at graduation ceremonies. It insists the ban on national dress is to underline that "all students are equal". Scottish politicians were furious, and The Scotsman quoted the Scottish National Party's shadow justice and home affairs minister, Kenny MacAskill, as saying the ban was petty and narrow-minded.

I assume that the loonies who made this decision have also banned turbans, Muslim dress, Indian dress - in fact everything other than the traditional English three piece suit (for both men and women). If not, then someone will have a case for the discrimination tribunal in Europe...

Posted by Peskie at March 29, 2005 12:00 PM


I guess if I ever graduate from Cambridge, I will have to do it in drag :-)

Seriously, are they going to stop people as they walk up to the stage and say "hmmm, bloke with skirt - sorry no you can't go on"?

Someone I think this is just a beat-up by lunatic Scots...

Posted by: Bert at March 31, 2005 06:03 AM