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May 20, 2005

PCI Card Identification

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Q: I have the prtdiag output from a Sun server and it shows:

pci 66 MB pci14e4,1647.14e4.1647.0 (ne+

okay /pci@1f,700000/network@2

What sort of card is this?

A: If you know the server type and have access to the Sun KnowledgeBase, then you can check for a finite list of suspects for this particular model (you know it is a network card of some kind). If that doesn't help (or you don't have access), click over to the PCI Database and use the numbers contained in the pci code: pciVENDOR,MODE.whatever. I find it easiest to search for the model (1647) so type this into the 'Search Devices' block. That leads to a short list of two cards, one from Acer (vendor 10B9) and another from Broadcom (vendor 14E4). The second one matches the vendor code reported by Sun and so the card must be a "NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet". You can google for this term or you can check the Solaris I/O page to discover that the card is 'Solaris Ready' under Solaris X86 but there is no mention of a specific driver. That probably means the driver is bundled with Solaris.

Posted by Ozguru at May 20, 2005 06:00 AM


Hi OzG! I finally looked at my blog comments and noticed yours a little late:

Is the iMac yours?

posted by Ozguru at 2005-04-12 07:00:07.969124-05

Yeah, the iMac was mine. One of my cohorts made a home for it in their dorm (we get stuck with the 'surplus' computers). You can't see the PI 166mhz box on the floor running Win2K (our help desk software uses IE-only Winders-only VBscript crap), I work with the helpdesk using VNC. I have a PIII box running Fedora Linux and the iMac. I had a Nubus PPC601e Mac running a MkLinux kernel with a Debian userland :) I was very proud of getting that thing to run anything but Mac OS 8! But something apparently fell on it, and the ADB and ethernet were damaged. It was a Helen Keller machine. I couldn't even get the data off of the drive, except the dd if=binarycrap of=>myoldharddrivestuff.txt method, so I punted.

Looks like I need to read about how you defeated the comment spam.

Keep writing the techie Unix posts, the geeks like them. I know, I are one.

Posted by: linc at May 27, 2005 08:05 AM