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May 25, 2005

Audio CD Images

Apart from having some amazing dialogue boxes, there are still some problems in MacOS X Tiger (10.4.1). Today I got bitten by something completely out of the blue: How do you create a disk image from a CD?

Hmmm. That guy is pretty smart and he would normally work this one out, there must be some funny catch here. So I pop round to look at his machine. CD is mounted on the desktop OK. Open DiskUtility, click on the DVD drive and head up to the menu bar for File->New->Image from device. Whoops. It is greyed out. Maybe you have to click the volume rather than the device. Nope. Hmmm. I know I have done this before (I often do it with game disks if I am travelling so that I can extend the battery life on my laptop). Maybe it is something funny on his laptop. I take the CD and pop it in my laptop. Same problem. Ahhhhh. It is an *audio cd*. Apparently, you can no longer create images of audio-cd's. 點解?

Must be an anti-pirate measure. Very difficult to get around. Just download the very excellent FreeDMG and drag-n-drop your audio CD. Problem solved.

In the original article, the "Why?" was actually written in Chinese (dian1 jie6) but for some reason or other, MT refuses to allow the characters and replaces them with more question-marks. To get around this, I had to look the character up in the character palette and get a unicode number. This then has to be converted into a decimal number before MT will have anything to do with it.

So, open the character palette and select 'Traditional Chinese). Use Apple-Space to switch keyboards (to Pinyin). Type (dian1) in the search box and press enter. Hover over the highlighted character with the mouse and copy the unicode character code onto a bit of paper (9EDE). Switch back to the Aussie keyboard and open the calculator. Switch to programmer mode, select hex, type in 9EDE and then select decimal. The result should be 40670. Put this in your document with 點 ...

I guess that is almost another tech tip in it's own right :-)

In case you were wondering, "點解?" (dian1 jie6) is a Cantonese verbal exclamation which means "Why?".

Posted by Ozguru at May 25, 2005 06:00 AM