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November 04, 2005

V240 ALOM Warning lights

This is an interesting tech tip (well interesting to me) because there are multiple solutions....

Q1: The orange warning light (with the wrench) keeps appearing on my V240.

A1: There were problems with some V240s and the bge interfaces. I believe this has been fixed more recently but the original fix was to use resetsc in the ALOM. This will turn the light off until the network traffic reaches a certain level when the light will turn on again. [This solution was from a posting on the old BigAdmin site]

Q2: It still turns on as soon as I turn it off...

A2: Try upgrading the firmware if there are no other visible problems. This will often resolve issues in the way the server self-tests. [This solution was from the SunManagers mailing list]

Q3: It is still turning on...

A3: Go into the directory /usr/platform/*240/sbin and run ./scadm loghistory. This will tell you what the server thinks is wrong. Believe it or not, a common problem is that only one of the dual power supplies is plugged in and switched on. Despite the machine being fully operation, the light will come on and the error message will be about a lack of power (which is somewhat confusing given that there must be power for you to see the message).

Posted by Ozguru at November 4, 2005 06:00 AM