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November 18, 2005

T3 Disk Replacement

Warning: Replace only one disk drive in an array at a time to ensure that no data is lost. Ensure that the disk drive is fully re-enabled before replacing another disk drive in the same array.

The default configuration for the array is to automatically spin up and re-enable a replaced disk drive, then automatically reconstruct the data from the parity or hot-spare disk drives. Disk drive spin up takes about 30 seconds, and reconstruction of the data on the disk drive can take one or more hours depending on system activity.

  1. Remove the front panel
  2. Locate the disk to replace. Disks are numbered 1 to 9 starting on the left
  3. Use a small screwdriver to press in and release the black latch
  4. Use the latch to slowly remove the drive (I usually pause a moment after getting the drive about 25% out to wait for it to spin down)
  5. Release the latch on the replacement drive and insert the drive
  6. Press the latch in using your screwdriver
  7. Replace the faceplate
  8. Using the CLI, verify that the insertion worked and data is being restored

Posted by Ozguru at November 18, 2005 06:00 AM