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November 15, 2005

TurboGX Video Card

Want to use an older Sun box with a newer monitor?

The older Sun systems often used cgsix (GX) graphics cards which sort of assumed a 1152x900 display unless the monitor tells it otherwise (via a query from the graphics card). This may have worked with Sun monitors but more often than not, you find yourself with any old monitor and the sense code idea simply does not work. Sometimes the monitor will start up anyway, other times it will refuse to play.

To override the default behaviour you need to be at the OK> prompt. You need to use a supported resolution and frequency such as:
ok setenv output-device screen:r1280x1024x76

If this does not work and you need to set it back, use:
ok setenv output-device screen
ok reset

Posted by Ozguru at November 15, 2005 12:00 PM