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November 23, 2005

The Special Pig

A woman was walking down the street when she saw a man walking a three legged pig. She thinks to herself, "That's odd."

She decides to ask the man about the pig. "Excuse me sir, can you tell me why it is you are walking down the street with a pig that only has three legs?"

"Why certainly," the man says. "I'm a farmer, and this here is a special pig."

"What makes it so special?" the woman asks. "Well, the other day, we came across a school bus full of children that had flipped over in a ditch and this pig ran down and dragged all of the children out to safety. And just a few days ago, I fell into the lake and would've drown had it not been for this pig going in to save me."

"That's remarkable. But, why does he only have three legs?" the woman asks.

"You see, ma'am," the farmer starts, "a pig this special isn't eaten all at once."

Recycled from April 2004.

Posted by Peskie at November 23, 2005 12:00 PM


You do find the best ones!

Posted by: Joan at November 23, 2005 06:40 AM

Hah! Hoss 1, Oz 0. I told this on my site about 3 weeks ago.

Posted by: old horsetail snake at November 24, 2005 12:44 PM

Did ya see the extended article :-)

Story was originally posted in April 2004 but gathered no comments....

Sorry I missed it on your site or I would have linked it anyway...

Posted by: Ozguru [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 24, 2005 07:40 PM