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December 02, 2005

JNI Fibre Drivers

Q1: I have heard that JNI cards are no longer supported....
Q2: Why can't I find a driver for my JNI card....

A: There was a formal announcement about this:

AMCC (formerly JNI) plans to exit the Solaris Fibre Channel HBA market and has terminated their reseller relationship with Hitachi Data Systems and other OEM partners. The last driver qualified, tested & supported by Hitachi Data Systems is v5.3.0.11 for FCE-6460 & FCE-1473. The final driver available from AMCC (v5.3.1.1) has not been tested or qualified by Hitachi Data Systems.
We would advise customers to migrate to a more readily supportable product from either Emulex or QLogic (eg, LP10000 or QLA2340). Both vendors now offer Solaris drivers with the "no reboot" feature.

The announcement is really referring to the JNI badged (as opposed to Sun badged) cards. I believe the drivers for Sun-badged cards are still in Solaris 10 (see this thread). To download the legacy drivers, try this site.

Posted by Ozguru at December 2, 2005 06:00 AM