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April 29, 2003

The Colour of God

*** Not-PC WARNING ***
Some people may find the following joke offensive. To explain, I think the joke is funny but a woman was once offended when I told it so I am warning you in advance. If you don't mind risking it anyway, go ahead and check the extended article.... Once upon a time, there were two Americans - one white, one black. They were the best of friends and both devout Christians. Over the many years of their friendship they had found so many things in common, but there was one major difference of opinion - the colour of God. The white American said that God was white, the black American said that God was black.

Eventually, the black American had a heart attack but was revived in the ambulance. As a result he had a near-death experience and his best friend couldn't wait to discuss it with him.

"Well", said the white American, "did you find out about the colour of God?"

"Yes", his friend responded sadly, "you were right - God is white".

"Wow", said the white American, "did you actually see God?"

"No. I found myself outside this wall and there were the sounds of a garden on the other side of the wall. I heard footsteps and so I called out asking who was there. A deep majestic voice replied 'I AM WHO I AM'. Then they revived me."

The white American was confused: "But you didn't actually see God, why did you decide he was white?"

"Because, if he had been black he would have said: 'AH IS WHO AH IS!'"

Posted by Peskie at April 29, 2003 12:00 PM