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June 30, 2003

Missing Joke

In this post, Ozguru refers to a joke that he is not game to post ....

After a bit of dredging through the memory banks, I think he wants me to tell you about the convict joke ....

Back in the days of the penal colony, a dignitary from England was visiting Sydney and was being given a tour of the facilities. In those days there was no bridge over the harbour but there was a ferry powered by convict rowers. As the VIP was being rowed across the harbour one of the convicts took the chance and dived overboard and swam away. The guards tried to shoot him but he was a strong swimmer and quickly got out of range.

The fellow in charge of the convicts grabbed a short strip of leather and ran along between the rowers hitting left and right alternately. When he finished all the convicts lay on their backs, whipped out their willies are urinated up and over the side of the boat. Then they resumed their seats and the journey continued.

The bemused VIP turned to his guide for an explanation. "Well", he was told, "it is a custom here. When one of the boys leaves, we have a quick whip around and a p*ss up".

Posted by Peskie at June 30, 2003 12:00 PM