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November 16, 2003

Country Living

[Ed: This joke was delivered with the morning coffee ... by Weby]

There was this kid who lived in the country and he was into tractors in a big way. He had tractor curtains, tractor sheets, tractor quilt, and tractor posters on the wall. He could recite statistics and details of every tractor currently on the market and lots of the ones that had long since been retired. His greatest thrill was going out on the tractor with Dad to work on the farm. Anyway, the old family tractor eventually winged its way to the scrapyard in the sky and when they bought a new one, the salesman was really impressed by the youngsters knowledge. In fact he was so impressed he gave the family free tickets to a tractor show, exhibition and conference in the big smoke. Boy did that cause a big of excitement. The great day dawned and the whole family bundled up and headed to the city. For a number of reasons (traffic being one of them) they got there around lunch time only to be turned away by the security guard. "Sorry", he said, "but we are full up and no one else is allowed in". The whole family pleaded with him but it was useless. They went home with the kid more depressed than he had ever been. When he got home he tore down his posters, ripped up the curtains and chucked the sheets and quilt in the trash. He removed all evidence of tractors from his life.

Some considerable time later, he was sitting in a diner with a young lady when there was a terrible fire in the kitchen. Black heavy smoke whet everywhere and all the patrons started to panic. The lad called out for everyone to calm down and then stood up. He breathed in and sucked up all the smoke, walked outside and breathed out again - blowing all the smoke away. "Wow" said the manager of the joint, "that was incredible - how did you do that."

"It was easy", said the boy, "after all - I am an ex-tractor fan".

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