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January 17, 2004

Two Idiots

[Ed: This is an Australian version of the previous joke which my father told me many years ago.]

Two blokes owned some property out the back of Mount Druitt and they were hoping to get lots of money for the subdivision of the block. The real estate developer warned them that they would need to get rid of the rabbits first in case some prospective buyer injured themselves.

Well they asked around and some bloke in the pub mentioned that the problem with rabbits is that you can never find all the holes. So after a lot more beer they came up with a brilliant plan to dynamite the rabbits. Next day in the brand new ute they arrived at the site and trapped a couple of rabbits in a cage. Then they went round with some quick setting cement and filled in every hole they could find. Finally they took the trapped rabbits, tied on the dynamite and lit the fuse. The rabbits headed for the nearest hole found it was blocked and started hunting for another one. Quickly discovering that all the holes were closed they dived under the only visible cover - the ute.

The insurance company refused to pay out and passed the story on the the RSPCA who went after the idiots for cruelty to animals.

Guess the first moral is that you can find all the rabbit holes if you look closely. The second moral is that you shouldn't believe everything you hear in a pub .....

Posted by Peskie at January 17, 2004 12:00 PM