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June 09, 2004

Big Game Hunting

Mr. Jones, of the Old Money Corporation, was an avid sportsman and hunter. Tennis, Golf, Swimming, the works. But, as is often the case with such people, Mr. Jones was blessed with a rather dumb secretary Administrative Assistant.

One afternoon, just before he set out for a game of Golf, he called his secretary and started to dictate a letter, all the while fidgeting with a pair of the golf balls. Ms. Secretary, impressed by the trophies of the hunt, and the various plaques on the walls, asks Mr. Jones what he was playing with. "Oh, these are golf balls." says Mr. Jones.

Next week the scene is re-enacted. Mr. Jones, again with the balls in his hands, is tossing them around, testing their weight. The Secretary, now a little more confident, says, "Congratulations Mr. Jones! You must have shot another golf last week."

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