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December 02, 2004

Growing Up

Two Arabs are sitting in a Gaza Strip bar chatting over a pint of fermented goat's milk. One pulls his wallet out and starts flipping through pictures and they start reminiscing.

"This is my oldest son, Mohammed...he's a martyr."

"This is my second son, Hammed. He is a martyr also."

After a pause and a deep sigh, the second Arab says wistfully, "They blow up so fast, don't they?"

Posted by Peskie at December 2, 2004 12:00 PM


Cheers for the link, Ozguru. :)

Posted by: Paul Jan at December 10, 2004 06:12 AM

LOL and now havin' to run like crazy to the toilet so I don't wet myself.

Posted by: Tig at December 10, 2004 06:12 AM