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December 03, 2004


While cruising at 36,000 feet, the airplane shuddered, and a passenger looked out the window.

"Oh no!" he screamed, "One of the engines just blew up!"

Other passengers left their seats and came running over; suddenly the aircraft was rocked by a second blast as yet another engine exploded on the other side.

The passengers were in a panic now, and even the stewardesses couldn't maintain order. Just then, standing tall and smiling confidently, the pilot strode from the cockpit and assured everyone that there was nothing to worry about. His words and his demeanor seemed made most of the passengers feel better, and they sat down as the pilot calmly walked to the door of the aircraft. There, he grabbed several packages from under the seats and began handing them to the flight attendants.

Each crew member attached the package to their backs.

"Say," spoke up an alert passenger, "Aren't those parachutes?"

The pilot confirmed that they were.

The passenger went on, "But I thought you said there was nothing to worry about?"

"There isn't," replied the pilot as a third engine exploded. "We're going to get help."

Posted by Peskie at December 3, 2004 12:00 PM


Now THAT is working beyond the call of duty.

Posted by: Kat at December 4, 2004 06:12 AM

here's my favortie airplane joke

A British Air flight was on the way to London from New York. When the pilot came over the load speaker and announced that he had a bit of news. "I have some good news and bad news" stated the pilot "Frist the bad news, three of the four engines are on fire"

The passangers started to panic. The pilot raising his vocie"The good news is that the fires are going put out momentarily"

This news calmed down the passangers condicderly.

The pilot continued"By the Atlantic Ocean"

Posted by: Skipjack at December 4, 2004 06:12 AM