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February 14, 2005

Betting Advice

There's a man deeply in debt, see, and he takes the money he has left and goes to Monte Carlo to try to recoup at the roulette tables. Won a little, lost a lot, and was down to his last franc. Prayed for help.

A voice whispered in his ear: "Le rouge..." Man looked around; nobody there. What the hell -- he puts his last franc on the red, and it won.

The voice immediately said, "Encore le rouge..." Played red again, and it won again.

The voice said, "Impair..." Played odd, and it won.

Voice said, "Quinze..." so he put all the money on 15, and it won.

This went on for hours, the voice telling him what to bet, and the man putting all his money on what the voice said, and winning.

Finally when the voice spoke, the man protested that he'd won millions of dollars and wanted to quit.

The voice was inexorable: "Douze..." The man put the money on 12, and 11 came up -- he had lost everything -- the voice murmured "Merde!!"

Posted by Peskie at February 14, 2005 12:00 PM