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August 11, 2005

Are you getting ready for Vista?

According to The Mac Observer, at least one person is:

An Austrian virus writer has published five sample viruses targeting Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. While there is little concern they could wreak serious problems, the viruses carry the distinction of being the first to impact an OS that has yet to even be released in final form.
That appeals to my sense of the ridiculous. On the one hand we have an OS that has been through multiple iterations over five years with no viruses at all and on the other hand an operating system that hasn't even been released yet.
In a similar twist, Former 'Spam King' pays MS $7m to settle lawsuit - so the company who made insecure system which could then be used to spread SPAM got a payment out of the guy who was actually doing the spamming. How much of that money will actually go to closing the holes that the guy was using? If you guessed anything greater than a nickel, you need a healthy dose of cynicism with your breakfast tomorrow.

Posted by Peskie at August 11, 2005 12:00 PM