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February 25, 2006

Mac Browser Problems

Recently an FOAF (Friend of a Friend) asked about problems they were having with a particular type of blogsite. From the description it looked like something was corrupted or not loading and so I sent some instructions for fixing it and I suddenly twigged that maybe I should record the process here for other people to save them having to ask :-)

Firstly, the problem could be a simple browser cache problem so start by clearing those and restarting your browser. For Firefox, the command is Tools -> Clear Private Data (i.e. go to the Tools menu and select the Clear Private Data option). For Safari, the command is Safari -> Empty Cache.

If that, combined with a restart of the browser does not solve the problem, then it is time to bring in the big guns. There are a number of tools but I personally like Onyx. Start the program and click on the cleaning icon. You should see four sections with tick boxes - some will be selected and some will be blank. In addition to any that are turned on by default, make sure that you turn on (check) the following items:

  • In the top section:
    • Browsers' Cache
    • Download Cache
    • Browsers' History
  • In the 3rd section:
    • User Cache
    • Font Cache

Now press execute.
... time passes ...
When it finishes you will need to reboot your Mac.

If that doesn't work, send my some screenshots :-)

Posted by Ozguru at February 25, 2006 06:00 AM


I did all this, end the Onyx, too. Screenshots are on the way.

Posted by: Miss Cellania at February 26, 2006 12:07 PM