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March 03, 2006

Scrollable Stickies

[Found at Macworld: Mac OS X Hints: Scrollable Stickies...]

Stickies, those little Post-It-type notes you can leave on your Mac’s desktop, have gained a lot of functionality over the years. You can dress up notes with multiple fonts and colors, add images, and make notes float over all other applications windows (Option-Command-F). Notes can appear translucent (Option-Command-T) and even hold QuickTime movies. But the one thing you still can’t do is scroll through a long note. If you have a lot of text you want to keep handy, you have to use the keyboard (arrows and Page Up/Down keys) to navigate the note’s contents.
Thankfully, there’s a simple solution, as long as you have Apple’s Developer Tools (also know as Xcode tools) installed. Even those of us who are just users can take advantage of these applications to add features the programmers left out. In this case, we’ll be using a program called Interface Builder (/Developer/Applications) to add scrollbars to our Stickies.

Read the whole article for details. I tried it and it works really well. I used to have a few stickies with important stuff on them and once they reach past the length of the screen, they are relatively useless. Instead of reaching for alternative mechanisms for storing stuff (think Yojimbo or Caboodle), you can just add scroll bars...

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Hmmm. Maybe that will be ex-boyfriend, any second now.

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