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April 06, 2006


[Found at Apple Matters...]

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, on a camping trip, awoke in the middle of the night to a stiff, cold breeze. Holmes, as was his custom, asked Dr. Watson what he could tell them about their current situation. Watson replied:
“From the constellations I can tell that we are in the northern hemisphere. And, I dare say Holmes, that we are fairly far north. I would say somewhat above 65 degrees latitude, since I can plainly see the Aurora Borealis. The wind, while cold enough to wake us, is not as cold as it would be if we were anywhere but Scotland which is warmed by the Gulf Stream. The intensity of the colors convinces me that we must be early in the cycle of sunspots placing the year at 1902 or 1903. I can also smell the remnants of a fire and see a tendril of smoke flowing into the breeze. Thus, we have been asleep long enough for the fire to burn out, but no long enough for it to stop smoldering. Birch is the predominate wood here and it burns quickly, we’ve been asleep for more than hour but less than two. That, Holmes, is what I can deduce!”
As if on cue, Holmes replied with a laugh and several shouts of, “Capital.” Watson, flummoxed by Holmes condescending attitude broke down and asked:
“Pray tell then, Holmes, what is it that you can deduce from the situation?”
Holmes replied, “I deduce, my dear Watson, that someone stole our #$!@ing tent!”

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